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For nearly 30 years, we’ve built our reputation as global leaders in battery recycling and management. Today, as the most knowledgeable and diverse battery recycling company in the world, we’re moving forward to meet the growing demand for custom recycling solutions. Our stellar track record in research and development, supreme client service for a wide range of industries, and the highest level of environmental compliance demonstrates our unwavering commitment to best recycling practices. Todays’ cutting edge corporations, government entities and consumers trust Retriev Technologies for our environmentally friendly battery and hazardous waste management services.

Retriev Technologies, the most forward thinking company in recycling today!

Recycling Technology

Unique in our ability to provide end-of-life solutions for all commercial battery chemistries, Retriev Technologies has developed innovative and proprietary technologies specifically tailored to provide the safest and most environmentally friendly process to recycle your used batteries.

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Battery Services

Rapid advancements in technology have created new and emerging needs for energy from all types of batteries. Applications for batteries are ever expanding, requiring recycling technology to stay on the cutting edge in order to keep pace. Retriev Technologies maintains that edge, providing innovative services for a number of battery applications.

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